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Federico is in Las Vegas for a week ( “not to have problems with jet lag and download a bit ‘of adrenaline”), and among the things he is doing has revised the final table.


December 28, 2018 – Milan Additional, down by two points. Triple win for scoring a 5 “from the end. The dream of all.

The realized Lillard in “his” silencing the Oakland Oracle Arena, which has reserved the playoffs so much bitterness, and beating the Warriors 110-109. Why replicate the expiration Durant fails. Because the samples are listless, with a body language reviewable, perhaps bothered by a regular season that will last a long time before the arrival of the playoffs, where they really start their season.

Why seem to have lost the desire to play together, turnovers trivial are too many (15) and errors from the line of shooters like Steph, Durant and unusual Thompson. Continue the time of Thompson no shooting, that worries relatively long-term, but it does affect, after the Christmas frittatone, the second defeat of the inner row of Golden State, which at least will have the opportunity for a rematch with Dame in two days to Fashion Center.

The Californians are a bit too ‘ “short” as a rotation, with Cousins ​​out of action. Underlined the demerits Dubs, right to point out the merits of the Blazers. Bravi not disunite after being found under 4 points to additional, reassembled from +10 3 ‘to play in regulation.

Great Nurkic, well Curry Jr, usually Dame to ruin 311mo sold out in a row at Oracle Arena, a franchise record. And with 292 victories as coach of the Blazers Stotts exceeds Adelman. Nba 24 seconds, Lakers: that life without LeBron?

THE GAME – The first two baskets of Nurkic, now 17-9 Portland, which enters all. A Thompson enter the first two pitches, it will prove to be an illusion. 28-27 Warriors after 12 ‘, they pull with 59% from the field. The Curry brothers mark each other at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, with the Blazers who make mistakes 12 shots in a row: the Dubs stretch 35-28.

But they are listless on offense, photography is the passage of Green striking face Thompson. The turnovers follow one another, and a partial 13-3 brings forward the Blazers. Portland 52-46 after the first half. McCollum and Thompson still Sautee 3 points, from momentaccio, Looney commits the 4th foul with 7 ‘to play in the 3rd quarter, especially the Warriors pull 1/10 … to free guests 75-71 after 36’.

11 consecutive points Seth Curry (!) At the beginning of the 4th quarter are worth +10 Portland, thanks to the reserves. Green gets a technical foul avoidable in the last 4 ‘, the triple McCollum mean +10 Portland 3’ and a puff to play. But the Warriors return to the Warriors in those 3 ‘. Two triple head of Curry and Durant, which perfects the triple double by placing the well crushed by exclamation point, Jogging accounts on 102 equal.

Additional, because it neutralizes Lillard Thompson at the end. Warriors +4, but the usual couple, McCollum-Lillard, after a lost ball Curry, wins the match for Portland. Throw the expiration of Durant ends on the iron. The Warriors of the end of December are human. Even vulnerable.

Golden State: Curry 29 (5/11, 6/15, 1/3 tl), Durant 26, Green / Thompson 15. Rebounds: Green 11. Assist: Durant 11. Portland: Nurkic 27 (10/18, 7/8 tl), McCollum 24, Lillard 21. Rebounds: Nurkic 12. Assists: Lillard 5. Riccardo Pratesi  @ rprat75

November 18, 2018 – Milan Marcel Hirscher. Ap Overtaking is postponed to the next opportunity. Marcel Hirscher, king of the last seven seasons, begins with a success. The Levi slalom is the 29 year-old Austrian, who in 1’51 “04 is the fastest, the best of 9/100 Henrik Kristoffersen, the youngest challenger who has yet to surrender once.

The second run was full of twists and turns, starting from blatant errors of the French Noel and Muffat-Jeandet, both of the last off: were third and fourth after the first run, are over 25 ° and 26 °, in tail in a league that seems a replay of last season. what a show – Hirscher, who led after the first run, was confirmed in the second. A success built in the first part of the track, when the advantage had grown to 23/100, and defended the final, where Kristoffersen had managed to make the numbers.

Then there’s the rest of the world: on the podium salt Swede Myhrer, but distant third (1 “41) Hirscher. And the other 15 are enclosed in a second, from Zenhäusern (fourth to 1 “41), in our Gross, climbed to 17th place (was 24 °) to 2” 35 with the tenth run time. An error has cost case Maurberger, who finished 22 th place (3 “50) after a good start of the heats. and now lake louise – Hirscher has the fastest time in both the first and second rounds, in both cases before Kristoffersen.

Hirscher, who won the last race of last season, the final giant Are, conquers the 59th success in career, the 29th in slalom. The World Cup moves in North America. Next weekend the men will be engaged in the speed at Lake Louise with a downhill and super-G. Gasport

November 3, 2017 – Losail (Qatar) Kenan Sofuoglu, 33, 5 titles in the Supersport. worldsbk.com There is no limit to the miraculous healings of motorcyclists. Valentino Rossi returned to MotoGP 22 days after breaking his right leg? Someone is causing even more impressive. You Kenan Sofuoglu, turkish pilot of 33 years.

Not any one: he won five World Supersport, the middle category of derived from the series. The sixth was the viewfinder, if 34 days ago in Magny Cours the darling Kawasaki had not fallen during the Superpole. Erdogan and the hip – Hip shattered and immediate admission in the best Turkish clinic, with a flight made available by Recep Erdogan.

Sofuoglu is in fact an “athlete of Turkey” as well as a close friend of the Prime Minister. After surgery the doctors were clear: at least three months to recover. But Kenan is a lion in a few days was back on his feet and began to work with crazy for recovery. 4th in http://1xbet.footballresultstoday.org/ Superpole – A few days ago the announcement: “I am going to take the plane to Qatar, I want to run the last race of the year.

And try to win it. ” Unbelievable, but true. Thursday, 33 days after the disaster, Sofuoglu was back riding the factory Kawasaki team managed by Italian Puccetti. They were afraid to come back to the pits after one lap, rather late in the day signed an unpredictable seventh time. Then here is the 4th time in Superpole with the second row in Saturday’s race at 17.30.

The World Cup is not yet closed, Sofuoglu is 2nd on 20 points from Lucas Mahias French official Yamaha that snaps on pole and who just a tenth place to be crowned champion, when Kenan win. At this point it would not be surprising. that hand … – By the way: Sofuoglu had missed the two opening races for a double right hand injury in training. He flew to Australia to try, but he had to throw in the towel. In the third round they pulled down, faultlessly.

With three races less, when the accident happened in France, he was back in the lead of the World Cup with a run-through victories. Even now it’s over: no spring Sofuoglu. Paolo Gozzi

November 6, 2015 – Milan Sometimes, life is what happens when you least expect it. Only a year and a half ago, there were dishes in her life. So many dishes. All to be washed. Federico had plans and dreams about the future but in the meantime cleaned plates and dishes in Australia.

Now in his life there is money. Much money. All to conquer. Federico Butteroni crowned poker player’s dream: to be at the final table of the main event of the World Series.

Yes, it is one of the november nine, the surviving players at the July marathon, when nell’immense halls of the Las Vegas Casino Rio showed up at the start of 6402 players well. The final table takes tomorrow and will last three days, for those who will go farther. It’s the second time since the world exists in Vegas (45 years) that an Italian managed to reach the final. Filippo Candio was the forerunner: finished fourth in 2010 and won 3.3 million dollars.

Federico has already pocketed a million. It can also win 7:30, if it comes first. It is the shortest at the table, it has 6 million 200 thousand chips. The chip leader, Welshman Joe Mckeehen has well 63 million, almost a third of the total chips in play. But you never know.

Last year, Martin Jacobson left more or less in his condition and managed to become world champion. Federico is in Las Vegas for a week ( “not to have problems with jet lag and download a bit ‘of adrenaline”), and among the things he is doing has revised the final table.

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