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Education and strokes com ‘: The return of the “return” …

Education and strokes com ‘: The return of the "return" … In several articles and social media; we commented on the recommendations of JM Blanquer speaking of the "return of the dictation," the "return of the BA-BA", the "back to basics" or "return of common sense." I would like to comment on the communication pitfalls in these expressions. Although journalists are as likely as teachers (say it!), I would tell them that we should not be fooled by this kind of communication trick. For there to return, there would have been abandoned. But this is wrong! Teachers are dictations, mental arithmetic and are concerned about the effectiveness of learning of their students. To suggest that this would not be the case does not withstand a review of practices (see recent consensus conference on playback). It would take a turn in the classroom instead of being misled by the ministerial communication and its old tricks. And remember that the process was often used. The latest announcement of daily dictated it was in 2015! The invocation of homework help
"fundamentals" like a mantra by ministers is a good example of these ideas that appear common sense but do not resist the concrete figures and real life education … It’s educational populism meant to appeal to public opinion! We better deconstruct these prejudices and preconceived ideas for it to be a true documented and rigorous debate. Another communication problem: focus on "academic freedom." This notion is trapped. She has many implicit like the idea that teachers could do what they want in a kind of exercise "liberal" of the trade. The academic freedom is often a false nose of conservatism. In addition to the implicit of "academic freedom" would be we would have a kind of "privilege" that would exempt the rules apply to all public servants. Let’s talk of autonomy of the teams with a collective approach based on our expertise and knowledge of the field. Also I find normal that the policy we set goals and tell us that we must go from A to B. But here we are not told the purpose, but it requires us to use such a route, put what shoes and how we dress for hiking! In short: we must beware of the effects of com. Let’s put the ads in context and confront them with the reality of practice. And trust the pitch, rather than maintaining doubt on the professionalism of teachers. To translate the language "new world": a little less than "top-down" (so twentieth century), a little more "bottom-up" and the "empowerment"! that’s what really disrupter and think "outside the box" !!! Philippe Watrelot ———————– Chronicle education Philippe Watrelot is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerivs 4.0 International. Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, April 26, 2018

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